World trip Conclusions

It’s difficult to find anywhere without tourism. You expect it t Machu Picchu but not in Vietnam or Cuba. Cheap airfares have allowed middle class people to travel and they do. The Chinese travel to Thailand and Vietnam and they are not the world’s most popular tourists.
Many cities are clones of each other with malls and the same international brands. The exception is Cuba which doesn’t have shops at all.
The food in the East is divine, in particular Japan , China and Malaysia. People don’t cook , you can eat in the street or restaurants cheaper.
We bought air tickets as we went along allowing us flexibility but sometimes travelling on not such great airlines such as Cabana air safety is a concern.
We used hotels , Air BnB ,Homestays, Guest Houses. Nearly all were good except for Hong Kong being minute, on the 3rd floor sandwiched between a church and a massage parlour. But it was centrally situated. Homestays were great to meet and talk to local people. San Jose , Costa Rica should be avoided , arrange your transport to meet you at the airport and drive away to the country, which is wonderful.
Highlights were Japan, the Amazon and Machu Picchu , California,and the beautiful beaches of Panama. Lowlights were Mandalay, Myanmar and the failed society of Cuba, but the people are great.
Patrick kept tabs on costs, Japan was the most expensive , Vietnam the cheapest. Take two credit cards, preferably one Visa and one MasterCard in case as happened to me there are problems with one of them.
Buy a SIM card for the country you are in. Google maps are a big help to get around and enable you to use Uber and in the east Grab which are much cheaper than using meter less taxis who try to rip you off.
Be prepared for shocks at the airports when checking in, make sure your visa are all in order, double check whether you need one or not.
We did a lot of walking , but not late at night. We had two bad incidents , the first in China where we were given counterfeit money and had a bad scene with a taxi driver who threw us out of his taxi and by walking down the wrong street in San Jose where we felt threatened by druggies.
What did I learn from this trip? Happiness is found by the way of life that one creates through relationships , home environment, family , satisfaction from career. I also learned mindfulness, living from day to day and not worrying about the past or the future.
There’s still plenty to see overseas and locally and I haven’t given up on travelling .

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