Week 5 – Hong Kong

Hong Kong week 5

Arriving in Hong Kong island at our AirBnB we had to lug our cases up 3 flights of stairs to a miniscule non too clean apartment which was so small that there wasn’t enough room to store a suit case. Spartan living but Hong Kong apartment prices are horrendous and we were well located. Our neighbours were a church and a massage parlour.
The next day we took the ferry to Portuguese Macau and found this to have a very European feel with squares and churches except for the masses of people and the heat.
Hong Kong is a great place to walk except for the heat and humidity , there is an escalator going right up the mountain with off shoots for shopping centres. We walked up to the Botanical Gardens, an oasis in the middle of the high rise office buildings. Hong Kong is not ashamed of its colonial past, street names are familiar English ones , statues remain of Royalty and English is widely spoken. Hong Kong definitely sees itself as being different from China.
It’s also very cosmopolitan, restaurants everywhere, and the developments inside and outside the city take the breathe away . The vistas of sea, islands, high rise buildings , bridges and old tenements like we lived in are unique. And everywhere there are people , masses of them, what vibrancy. But live there? I doubt it, real estate prices are astronomical and there’s a lack of breathing space.

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